Windows Server 2008 hits end of support Jan. 14, 2020

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Prepare for Windows Server 2008 End of Support Extended support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows server 2008 R2 ends January 14. 2020. Microsoft will no longer release security updates, which may expose you to security attacks or make you out of compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA, ITAR and GDPR. Avoid business disruptions and use this as an … Read More

Polar Systems, Inc. Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

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West Linn, Oregon, February 19th, 2019 – Polar Systems, Inc., announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Polar Systems to its 2019 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category. This annual list recognizes North American solution providers with innovative approaches to managed services. These services help customers improve operational efficiencies, maximize … Read More

(NIST) Small Business Cyber security act

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Did you know……In 2018 the president officially signed the new National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST) Small Business Cybersecurity Act into law. The new policy “requires the Commerce Department’s National institute of standards and Technology (NIST) to develop and disseminate resources for small business to help reduce their cybersecurity risks.” Here is an interesting article around what is coming … Read More


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This week Microsoft experienced outages due to severe weather taking out a cooling systems in data centers located in SAN Antonio, Texas. South Central U.S felt the brunt of the outages, however, many were affected one way or another throughout the globe. When something like this happens, it’s a good reminder for businesses to look at ways to build redundancy … Read More

Thinking about cloud?

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A significant portion of Azure is down today, which is where many cloud applications that are used on a daily basis are hosted. This is something to keep in mind, when thinking about moving to the cloud vs. keeping applications on premise. When something like this happens, businesses are at the mercy of the provider to get it fixed. One … Read More

Massive Comcast outage throughout the U.S

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Comcast has confirmed a major outage. Not a lot of information has been released, but they have said they are aware of the problem and are working on it. Many customers have seen internet outages, phone and data services interruptions, and some a total black out from all Comcast services. We have little information at this point, but wanted to … Read More

Email #1 threat vector used by cyber-criminals

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6  reasons to love SonicWall email security solutions: Prevent ransomware and zero-day threats from reaching your inbox Stop spear-phishing attacks with advanced analysis techniques Prevent BEC fraud and spoofing attacks with powerful email authentication Keep up to date with real-time threat intelligence Ensure secure communication with encryption for DLP and compliance Protect your Microsoft Office 365 email exchange service against … Read More

Another Down Town Power Outage

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By Polar Systems 2-March-2018 On Thursday February 22nd 2018 down town Portland had a large power outage that affected around 2,400 people due to a system upgrade. On May 22nd 2017 Portland had another power outage leaving 2,000 people without power all day from an electrical fire. We feel it is important to keep in mind that these things can happen on … Read More

New Processor Vulnerabilities

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By Polar Systems 5-January-2018 Two new processor security flaws have recently been identified. These flaws appear to affect nearly every computer produced within the last 20 years. The flaws are named “Meltdown” and “Spectre”. Meltdown only affects Intel processors while Spectre affects Intel, AMD and ARM processors. The vulnerabilities allow the attacker to access privileged memory of the processor and gain access to key … Read More

3 Disruptive Trends Driving Demand for Automated Cyber Security for SMBs

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DECEMBER 11, 2017 BY MARK HEWETT Organizations typically struggle to provide a holistic security posture. There are many security vendors providing exciting and innovative solutions. But from a customer perspective, they often become various point solutions solving several unique problems. This often becomes cumbersome, expensive and unmanageable. Some of the most recent trends in this area are discussed in this blog, which … Read More