PolarStar monitoring and dedicated help desk services are the pieces that makes it all work.  With our best of breed tools, we monitor your systems and network remotely, vigilantly watching for hardware and software events – the little things that can be precursors to bigger problems.  By watching thousands of machines, our team of help desk technicians know just what to look for, and can often proactively resolve those potential problems from our Portland based support center.  Or, if needed they can dispatch an expert engineer to your location for an on-site repair.  Whether it’s a UPS alert, dwindling drive space, CPU performance, or application warning, PolarStar monitoring will keep our eyes on it, so you can keep your eyes on your business.

And if anyone on your staff has a question about or problem with any of your systems or covered applications, they simply pick up the phone and talk to a live person or email the help desk for quick resolution.  All of our support services engineers and technicians are Portland based, so you’ll enjoy getting to know and rely on them.

Please call us at 503-775-4410 or email info@polarsystems.com to learn more of how Polar Systems can help.


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