Open WiFi has become more than a nice to have, it’s become a necessity for nearly every company or organization.   Clients, patients, tenants, students, guests and employees have come to expect WiFi to be provided, and most importantly, for it to work.  When it doesn’t work, it’s very noticeable and can have a negative effect on an organization.

This poses two major challenges for most IT departments.

1) How to deploy it securely so that network performance for key functions of the business are not compromised

2) Deploying the solution that just works and doesn’t drain IT resource time supporting it.

PolarStar Managed Wireless (WiFi-as-a-Service) is an amazing turn-key secure indoor/outdoor WiFi solution for businesses, education, healthcare, assisted living, multi-tenant dwellings, retail, manufacturing, and non-profit organizations.  It really defines set it and forget it.   We have combined our two most popular services for Wireless and Firewall security to bundle into one package.  IT departments want to spend time on critical business needs, not fixing WiFi.  Companies want true business continuity, while ensuring that they are secure from the outside world.  This is the perfect blend of the two.

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Supporting Documents

PolarStar Wireless-as-a-Service Brochure (293 KB)