Vendor Partners

We believe that having alliances with the right partners is one of Polar Systems’ critical success factors.

Our clients value Polar Systems as a company that can ensure their interests are put first and foremost by developing a network of market-leading alliance partners. Our local and global partners enhance our ability to provide your organization turn-key solutions that meet your unique business challenges.

Polar Systems has developed strong relationships with many manufacturers, local, national and international service providers, and vendor partners. Our Featured Partner List is a representative sample of our multiple alliances.


Strategic Partners

The technology landscape is vast and how it’s consumed varies client-by-client.   Staying competitive, innovating, and improving employee productivity drives business forward.  Our clients want to focus on their business.

Like an old-school handshake and trust, it’s our goal at Polar Systems to partner with like-minded local companies to help solve real business challenges for our clients outside our area of expertise.  We take pride in the fact we take no referral fees from any of our strategic partners.  Thus, we have aligned ourselves with the absolute best companies in Oregon and SW Washington that help our clients solve real business challenges.  Here are a few we think of often, and as a result so do our clients!