Losing business-critical data is not an option.  Whether it’s from a site-wide disaster or from user error, delays in getting your business back online can result in monetary loss as well as loss of productivity and of business reputation.   PolarStar Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery is designed to ensure your company’s data is protected and can be recovered rapidly in the event of an outage.   We understand the importance of business continuity — you’ll be surprised what we can do.

As part of PolarStar Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery, we will install local networked backup storage devices at your location(s) to create real-time images of your critical systems.  In the event of a local loss of data, you can access another local copy in minutes.   All of your data is also mirrored offsite, which can be accessed remotely in case of a site-wide disaster.

Daily backup checks and regular backup testing ensures your business is completely protected.

PolarStar Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery includes:

  • A complete solution to reduce server downtime with a specialized backup and virtual server appliance
  • Virtualization of failed servers to decrease downtime from days to minutes
  • Near real-time backups as frequently as every 15 minutes
  • Offsite storage at an affordable cost
  • Affordable business continuity plan.

Please call us at 503-775-4410 or email info@polarsystems.com to learn more of how Polar Systems can help.

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