Zero Day Microsoft Office Exploit

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We have been alerted to a zero-day exploit which utilizes malicious Microsoft Office documents which we want to bring to your attention. While these sort of vulnerabilities are always a concern, this vulnerability still relies on tricking a user into opening or downloading the malicious file. Most commonly the threat actors will utilize e-mail attachments, social media links, or file download links to deliver the file. 

While we wait for a patch for this vulnerability from Microsoft, we recommend alerting all of your staff to be especially vigilant of any suspicious activity or e-mails with file attachments or embedded URL links. The best defense against this sort of exploit is awareness.

To get more information about the exploit, you can refer to the following blog for updates.

Rapid Response: Microsoft Office RCE – “Follina” MSDT Attack (

As always, please let us know if you notice any suspicious behavior with any of your systems. We’re always happy to provide a second set of eyes.

Thank you!