Is SD-WAN Right For You?

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There’s a lot of innovation happening right now in the SD-WAN space. Several vendors have evolved their traditional WAN technology offerings into this space over the course of a decade, while a seemingly greater number of startups have sprouted into the SD-WAN pool over recent months. Their offerings vary widely.

Here are some things they have in common: they use software controls to manage wide area network traffic. They aggregate WAN links. They provide failover and load balancing. They offer encryption and security. They utilize hardware devices.

Here’s where they differ: some put the “brains” of the software controls in the cloud, or in their proprietary data centers. Some put the brains in on-premise hardware. Some require you to route traffic through their cloud. Some are transport agnostic – you may use whichever carriers and services you prefer.

Do you even need SD-WAN? If you have branch offices or remote facilities such as warehouses or manufacturing plants, you will probably benefit from SD-WAN. The ability to add low-cost public broadband and fortify it with quality of service features will enhance your overall network performance, increase your bandwidth and drive costs down. The monitoring and network analytics afforded by SD-WAN solutions are extremely valuable to network administrators striving to understand and control their expanding networks. Automated features, such as selective traffic routing, failover and alerts routinely “save the bacon” of IT departments tasked with keeping critical applications running, no matter. Case study statistics clearly favor SD-WAN and industry analysts predict skyrocketing adoption rates over the next five years.

But which flavor of SD-WAN is right for you? That depends on the characteristics of your network, your applications and your goals.

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