Don’t Get Blown Away, Cover Your Ash!

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Thursday, May 18, 2017 – 2:30pm

What:           May 18th marks 37 years since Mt. St. Helens erupted causing a massive disruption to the NW
with ash plumes seen all over the world. What will you do in the case of a disaster? Will you be ready?
Where:         CartLab
1831 SW River Dr.
Portland, OR 97201
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  When:           Thursday, May 18th, from 2:30pm – 5:00pm

  Presenters:   Unitrends(link is external)Ecessa(link is external) and Polar Systems

Don’t gamble on your business, come join us at one of the hottest new places in Portland Cartlab.   Portland’s food cart mall for drinks, cards, network with peers and  some of Portland’s most famous and award-winning food cart food, blackjack and craps.

IT disruptions come in many forms, many people think natural disaster, but in all reality, incidents like fires, flood, theft, loss of power, data breaches, loss of internet connectivity, can prove to be just as disastrous, but more common and likely to happen.

Whether you are in the cloud, have a hybrid cloud strategy, or a fully on premise network, business continuity has become more complex and a major concern for executives. Protecting data is important, but having the ability to access the data is just important. Cyber-attacks like Ransomware are running rampant blocking access to data, along with distributed workforce adding complexity to accessing company resources. So how do you mitigate risk?

This event will teach you 3 major things:

  • How to quickly restore in the time of an incident
  • How to protect yourself by creating a never down network
  • How to rapidly and cost-effectively put together a simple business continuity solution

Each attendee will receive specific hands-on worksheet templates to evaluate your readiness when you get back in the office. No one goes away empty handed.

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