Another Down Town Power Outage

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On Thursday February 22nd 2018 down town Portland had a large power outage that affected around 2,400 people due to a system upgrade. On May 22nd 2017 Portland had another power outage leaving 2,000 people without power all day from an electrical fire. We feel it is important to keep in mind that these things can happen on a smaller scale then a natural disaster, and these occurrences can happen frequently

How does this negatively affect your business?

  • Loss of work productivity from employees
  • Equipment malfunctions from improper shut down
  • Potential damage to equipment
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost data
  • Clients may not be able to communicate with you
  • External resources such as remote employees may not be able to access email, or other critical applications

Solutions to think about

  • Cloud Solutions – Office 365, or other applications that allow you to check your email, even if your email server is down.
  • A properly spec’d out UPS to make sure your critical equipment is shut down gracefully
  • A backup plan for employee’s to work from home if the office is unavailable.
  • Proper Backups that are tested on a regular basis in case of loss of data

We want you to be prepared by making sure your crucial equipment is being protected if an event like this occurs. Also taking a strategic look at critical applications and deciding what may make sense to move to the cloud.  A day of not being productive can have a large impact on business productivity.

We are here to help you strategically look at your business and help plan for business continuity. For more information, please call us at 503-775-4410