8 Helpful Network Security Tips

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Over the past few years we have seen an increasing amount of inquiries from our clients about suspicious emails that have come across that look somewhat legit, but if you look closer, they are coming from an unknown source. Some popular ones, are from Fedex, Amazon, possibly a bank requesting information. These emails are known as phishing emails. They are criminals attempting to acquire your sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, or credit card information. Even if your company is running an anti-virus program, and staying current with updates, there is still a possibility these emails can get through and threaten the security of your network.

Recommendations and Best Practices. Important questions to ask yourself

  • How effective is your current firewall technology at catching malware and intrusions?
  • Has your anti-virus program stayed current with updates
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Has it been tested? How often?
  • Are your mobile/remote employees provided secure access to your network?
  • Is your current wireless network as secure as your wired network?
  • Have your employees had Email security best practice training?

Here are 8 things your organization can do to help protect themselves from becoming a victim to phishing and ransomware attacks.

  1. Educate your employees about email phishing and social engineering
  2. Use a multi-layered approach to network security
  3. Backup files regularly
  4. Make sure your endpoints are protected
  5. Patch your systems and applications
  6. Segment your network to stop the spread
  7. Quarantine and analyze suspicious files
  8. Protect your mobile devices

Don’t make the mistake that all employee’s know how to recognize or handle phishing attempts. There are best practice security steps, and training that your organization can take to help reduce these attempts and help mitigate the headache and downtime caused by one of these attacks.

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