This is what our clients are saying about us:

Quick and super fast resolution. THANK YOU!!!!
~Stephanie – Non profit – 9/17/2018

Professional and always prompt in responding to our requests. Great job Dillon!
~Raya – Non profit – 9/10/2018

My experience with Ron was Excellent. My old laptop is running like new. The updates he performed corrected a lot of ongoing issues that had been reported previously but had not been resolved. Ron went above & beyond & exceeded my expectations. Ron is a delight to work with. I thanked him & shared with him that I view him as an IT Genius. Ron is a diamond in the rough, he defiantly is a treasure, he is a pleasure to work with & easy to communicate with despite my own short comings in the way of correct terminology/ communication. I myself am no computer expert but he seemed to understand my less than ideal communication just fine. You know how when a customer takes there vehicle to a shop for repairs & they have a hard time communicating there concern, well that’s me with computer issues, but Ron seemed to be able to read my mind 🙂

~Shannon- Manufacturing- 8/27/2018

Lane was awesome! Rick was awesome! Every time I call nothing but professionalism! Thank you, much appreciated.
~Jim – Construction – 8/10/2018

Simply Marvelous
~Peggy- Non profit – 8/8/10/2018

Quick turnaround and very responsive
~Kacy – Manufacturing and Distribution – 7/31/2018

I am always impressed by the extremely knowledgeable, super-fast and friendly service in compared to what we used to get with our previous IT company. Thank you SO much!!
~Stefanie – Non-profit – 7/20/2018

Thanks for the quick resolution. This is really going to help us today!
~Bryce – Transportation – 7/10/2018

No suggestions, Jeff was great to work with and followed up to make sure everything was taken care of.
~Jessica – Non-profit – 7/10/2018

Just how could I make any suggestions when your efficiency and addressing any issues I have are amazing? You guys are great! Thank you for all the hard work.
~Stefanie – Non-profit – 7/9/2018

Service was excellent; no improvement possible.
~ Phillip  – Non-profit – 7/5/2018

Awesome service from Polar, as always! Locking yourself out of your computer is always kind of panic and Polar always handles it quickly and professionally. Thank you so much.
~Shevawn – Retail – 6/26/2018

Darren did a great job – I appreciate all his help.
~Tonya – Manufacturing – 6/20/2018

Fantastic work by Ron. Great communication, follow up, and research.
~David – City Government – 6/19/2018

This request was handled very smoothly, thank you
~ Dave – Non-profit – 6/18/2018

Thanks for the great and SUPER FAST help! sorry I opened a can of worms for you.
~Stefanie- Non-profit – 6/13/2018

Darren went above and beyond on follow through on this one. Nice work.
~Wade – Transportation – 6/8/2018

The service was great! Thomas was very patient and helpful.
~Phillip- Non-profit – 6/5/2018

Diaa did a great job. Very thorough. Thanks!
~Randi- Real Estate –  6/1/2018

You guys have been great since day one. Worked with Dylan a few times now and he’s been fantastic, great attitude and has solved my issue every time!
~Scott – Non-profit – 5/24/2018

Rick is always very helpful and very knowledgeable! I appreciate all he does for us!
~Shelly – Services- 5/23/2018

As usual, your tech Nathan replied to the request in a timely manner and handled the matter professional.
~Dennis – Manufacturing – 5/11/2018

Ron did an excellent job. Very pleased with his response and service.
~Ginnie – Manufacturing/Distribution – 5/9/2018

This went as usual! Thank you for providing excellent customer service, responsive, professional, friendly, competent, and efficient. I always appreciate working with you. Thank you for helping me out.
~Elaine – Non-profit – 5/3/2018

Aaron was great! He knew exactly what to do to fix my problem. Thank you, Aaron!
~Shelly – Services – 5/2/2018

This was my first time utilizing Polar Systems and it couldn’t have gone better
~Mike – Transportation/Distribution – 4/23/2018

Aaron came out promptly and had me up and running in no time. He was a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for all the help!
~Brendan – Transportation/Distribution – 4/19/2018

Saved the day on a Friday afternoon! Thanks
~Cheryl – Transportation – 4/18/2018

Rick, the man with the magic wand!
~Peggy – Non-profit – 4/17/2018

I so appreciated Jeff’s assistance. I am so very hard to get a hold of and he always persists for which I am very grateful. The customer service is outstanding. This time he sent me steps to try for myself and they worked. Our interactions were efficient and timely. I really thank hi for meeting me where I am and with my crazy schedule.
~Elaine – Non-profit – 4/13/2018

Dillon is always very helpful and is amazing with assisting me with my multiple computer problems. He is very easy to talk to and understands when I attempt to explain my issue in a non-technical language.
Mariah – Non-profit – 3/29/2018

Darren was very thorough and fixed the issue quickly. He has a great attitude and is very easy to work with. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
~Shelly – Services – 3/29/2018

You guys are all great!!!!!!
~Laura – Non-profit – 3/19/2018

Great to get a phone call and get the issue fixed on the spot, pretty shortly after filing the ticket. Thanks for great customer service
~Michelle – Financial Services – 3/15/2018

I was very difficult to get a hold of but Nathan continued to reach out and was understanding about my lack of availability. Very much appreciated and he checked out the problem and let me know what he found which was really helpful.
~Crystal – Non-profit – 3/6/2018 

No Suggestions you guys are great
~Karra – Retail – 3/5/2018

Response was immediate and the problem was resolved quickly.
~Donald – Construction/Development – 3/2/2018

I love it when Rick gets our tickets because he’s so efficient. I think one of the things he does so well is keep me in the loop if something takes a while or needs extra care. That’s just as good as doing it quickly in the first place. Much appreciated Rick!
~Katie – Manufacturing and Distribution- 1/17/2018

Service was fast and done perfectly. Thank you!
~Claudia – Services – 1/15/2018

Don and Muaz are lovely, thanks for all the help!
~Ella – Property Management – 12/15/2017

Your service has always been excellent where I am concerned. Thanks
~Gayle – Transportation – 12/13/2017 

I’m very happy with the services that were given to me. The person was very friendly and solved my issue in a timely manner. Thank you so much
~Latoya – Manufacturing- 12/12/2017 

Always great to work with Rick. I appreciate his patience especially when I bring up problems that I should have solved myself – he graciously treats it as a learning opportunity rather than a wast of his time. Thank you!
~Tom- Consulting firm – 12/5/2017

You have been extremely helpful with my VM building project. You are available at short notice and willing to work with me so I can understand the steps you are following. Great work, Thank you
~Tom – Consulting firm – 11/22/2017

Thank you for the thoroughness of your work, Nate. I appreciate your following up, too.
~Randi – Property Management – 11/14/2017

Rick was great! He educated me on the issue I was having without making me feel stupid or like I was inconveniencing him. Thank you, once again for great service!
~Shelly – Services – 11/3/2017

Great job on a last minute request. Thanks!
~Cheryl – Transportation – 11/2/2017

Nathan was fantastic and made sure I got the help I needed! Thanks Nathan!!! Top-Notch service, as always!
~Rose – Property Management – 10/25/2017

The turnaround time was amazing! Thank you!
~Jackson – Investment firm – 10/16/2017

I have always had exceptional service from your personnel when tech support has been needed, working with Ron on this latest service ticket was no exception. Thank you.
~Dennis – Manufacturing – 10/6/2017

Awesome job, speedy and Accurate
~Michael – Manufacturing – 10/2/2017

RON IS AMAZING! so kind and dedicated to solving the problem.
~Katharine – Health Care – 9/25/2017

Always a pleasure when I get to work with Muaz
~Larry- Manufacturing- 9/25/2017

Thank you! Thomas is a hero!
~Ella – Real Estate – 9/14/2017

Exceptional response time was most helpful to get my day going and be prepared for a webinar attended by other staff. Thank you!
~Peg – None-Profit- 9/14/2017

Rick is “The Man”
~Scott – Services – 9/5/2017

Every time I have worked with Polar on something I am impressed. This time, Thomas was able not only to help me with my issue but also explained it to me, so I could resolve it on my own next time.
~Jennifer – Manufacturing – 8/29/2017

Thomas was so GREAT! He went above and beyond to locate and restore this folder for me. Thanks again Thomas for all of your help. I really appreciate your willingness to no “give up” and all the time you spent searching the server for my folder.
~Kara – Non-profit- 8/10/2017

It is always a pleasure working with Jeff. Jeff is supremely qualified service engineer. He is super attentive to the smallest of details and always provides superior service.
~Larry – Manufacturing – 8/7/2017

Jeff is a pleasure to work with. Great communication and GREAT SERVICE!
~Doug – Health Care – 7/26/2017

Don’t know how I could be more delighted. Really needed email service and your team worked flawlessly, thanks.
~Alan – Services – 7/21/2017

Aaron is a superstar. He dealt with everything super quickly, he’s great to work with, he doesn’t make me feel like a total idiot. Followed up with everything, he worked really hard even though i’m sure the issue was an annoying one. I cannot sign his praise enough. Also, Tom was on the ticket temporarily and was a complete hero as well. You have a great team.
~Ella – Real Estate – 7/12/2017

Rick is the most helpful computer dude and is available all the time! He solved my problem lightning quick.
~Nick – Consulting – 6/29/2017

Thank you and as always, I appreciate all Polar does to assist us.
~Dean – Non-Profit – 6/26/2017

Aaron was the bomb!!! Amazing and I can’t thank him enough!!!
~Earl- Manufacturing – 6/15/2017

Fantastic service and wonderful quality work from Jeff. The determination and quality of work from Jeff is phenomenal. He is persistent, intelligent, qualified and a great person to work with. Thank you!
~Larry- Manufacturing- 5/19/2017

Aaron does a great job, overall. Very service and solution oriented person.
~Kirk- Manufacturing- 5/17/2017

Michael was fantastic. Got right back to me and resolved issue in a very time efficient and friendly manner. Thank you!
~Ken – Health Services – 5/12/2017

The tech resolved the issue quickly and efficiently, always nice to work with knowledgeable professionals. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences when working with individuals from Polar Systems each time a ticket has been submitted. Thank you!
~Dennis – Manufacturing- 4/26/2017

Nathan is incredibly quick and helpful
~ Michaela- Manufacturing – 4/24/2017

No suggestions. Just a “Thank You” to Rick for being patient and EXPLAINING things to me.
~Suzanne- Non-profit- 4/14/2017

No suggestions for Ron, he is a delight with support.
~Michaela – Manufacturing- 4/12/2017

Michael was great! I threw a really hard one at him this time and he really persevered! thank you, Michael, for sticking with it!
~Shelly- Services-3/31/2017

Super happy with the quick response and resolution of my issue.
~Andrew – Engineering – 3/29/2017

I want to share our appreciation for Don’s responsiveness to get here on Saturday to help get the PC’s/printers reconnected. We had 20 deliveries scheduled that day and really needed everything firing on all cylinders. He was  very helpful in getting us back on track.
~Karra – Retail – 3/27/2017

Don was awesome. I really appreciated that he took time to follow up directly to ensure she was able to access the requested drives, prior to closing out the ticket.
~Kara  – Non-profit – 2/22/2017

Nate continues to proved excellent support and is very much appreciated!
~ Sid – Manufacturing – 1/31/2017

Muaz is extremely polite, professional and helpful. I always appreciate his help
~Shana  – Engineering – 1/19/2017

As an aside, we are still a completely off-site operation. Our frozen water pipes are not yet cleared, so no one is in the office. We’ve never been more reliant on our remote access systems. It’s  just tremendous that everything’s working so smoothly. Thanks to you and your team for the critical role you’ve played keeping us operational.
~Kevin – Non-profit- 1/18/2017

Knowledgeable, patient and kind! Thanks. You guys are good!
~Sharen- Insurance – 1/6/2017

Don went above & beyond to fix our problem. He’s great! Thanks Don!!!
~Vee – Accounting Firm – 12/22/2016

Jason did an amazing job troubleshooting the power issue and how it related to the voice mail system. All is working properly.
~Larry – Manufacturing – 12/19/2016

Rick was great to work with. He figured out the problem and fixed it in a timely manner. Thanks!
~Angie – HVAC Services – 12/8/2016

I was very delighted from support received! The issues were resolved quickly and my printer prints perfectly from my computer! Thank you so much for your help!
~Carly – Manufacturing – 12/5/2016

Thank you for the speedy turn around on this.
~Dean – Non-profit – 11/28/2016

Jeff was super patient and followed up multiple times to ensure ticket was completed and mailbox was set up properly. Thanks Jeff!
~Kara – Non-profit- 11/14/2016

Rick was very helpful and I always appreciate help from Polar.
~Cheryl – Non-profit – 11/2/2016

The service was excellent, the issues were handled perfectly. Thank you.
~Brett – Retail – 11/2/2016

So pleased to have this problem resolved! Ron is so patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. Five pats on the back to him!
~Sharon- Insurance- 10/26/2016

Ron is an IT Rock Star! 🙂
~Aimee – Manufacturer- 10/21/2016

Wonderful service and support. All was handled properly and with great attention to detail. The end result was absolutely no interruptions of service at all. Thanks for a job well done.
~Larry – Manufacturer – 10/20/2016

I can always depend on Jeff to carry through and finish. He is a pleasure to work with.
~Doug – Trucking Company – 10/19/2016

Tom was great and handled what I thought would be a difficult problem with apparent ease. He was friendly and respectful. Excellent Service!
~Mike – Consultants – 9/29/2016

Was handled as quickly as possible. Jeff’s follow through is excellent, on this and other tickets. My compliments.
~Alex – Non-Profit – 9/27/2016

Tom is very professional, and answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction. You always do a great job! Thanks!
Shelly – Service provider – 9/16/2016

Always a pleasure working with Tyler! He is always professional and Courteous while being very knowledgeable in his field.
Timothy – Engineering – 9/15/2016

I am consistently delighted with you support!
~Peache – Distributor – 9/7/2016

Ron and Lorraine have helped us out a lot these past weeks. Much appreciated!
~Shawn – Non-Profit – 8/22/2016

Jeff was very knowledgeable, personable and helpful. I appreciated his prompt response and solution to my problem. Thanks Much!
~Sharon – Insurance Agency – 8/12/2016

Your staff has always been professional, informative, and helpful. I have never had an issue that wasn’t resolved quickly and effectively.
~John – Non-Profit – 7/27/2016

The tech that came out to assist went above expectations. Thank you!
~Lane – City Government – 7/27/2016

The help desk was very nice and helpful. I was forwarded to Ron who was terrific. I appreciate the great customer service! Thank you!
~Patricia – Health Care – 7/20/2016

Both Rick and the person answering at the Help Desk were great. They were easy to work with and my problem was resolved immediately. Thank you.
~Trish – Health Care -7/15/2016

I had two issues that needed fixing and both people were exceptional. Your team is great to work with. Thank you for your quality customer Service!
~Elaine – Non-Profit – 6/17/2016

Michael did a great job helping me out with my office laptop on very short notice. EXCELLENT customer service!
~Aleta – City Government – 5/27/2016

Ron was efficient and very helpful. He went the extra mile and asked if there as anything else he could do. There was another small item, which he took care of very quickly. Excellent service. Thank you.
~Margaret – Consulting – 4/22/2016

PolarStar team members services us really well. The Team members are professional and nice to work with. They do a great Job!
~Miriam – Non-Profit – 4/21/2016

Please give Rick a bonus for this! He absolutely went above and beyond to make sure that this was taken care of!
~Chris – Health Care – 3/30/2016

Ticket request was sent late in the day and Don assigned really quickly to Jeff who got the user going again, all before 5:00. Thanks so much you guys!!
~Kara – Health Care – 3/22/2016

Sounds like my computer was very messed up. It took awhile, but Muaz provided great, seamless service and gave me his number should any more problems arise. I am quite satisfied.
~Mike – Consulting – 3/15/2016

Very speedy resolution. Greatly appreciated during our busy season! Thanks Tyler!!
~Vee – Accounting – 3/4/2016

Even though it was a user issue because of lack of training, he was very professional and showed me how to do some additional things that would help me in the future. I am just sorry I can’t remember his name so I could say who it was that was so helpful.
~Desiree – Non-profit – 2/23/2016

Ron was excellent. Very polite and prompt in solving my printing problem. Thank you.
~Ramesh – Manufacturing –  2/22/2016

Muaz wasn’t able to set up the monitors that he was originally sent here to set up. However, since he was in the building a couple of therapists took advantage of his presence and got their printers working again. In addition, he is super helpful in making sure the correct adapter was ordered to set up DVR for security system. Thanks for all of you help Muaz!!
~Kara – Health Care – 2/8/2016

I am always delighted with the level of service that Ron provides.
~Lisa – Health Care – 1/20/2016

Muaz was incredibly helpful clearing up my C drive. He was friendly and knowledgeable and took the time to make sure he could clean up as much ‘Junk’ as possible (even lots of smaller stuff that did indeed add up to lots of space). He also was patient when I had questions and answered all of them. Thanks.
~Tyler – Consulting – 1/19/2016

My support assistant was very courteous and professional. Followed up when he said he would and fixed all my issues!
~Bjorn – Engineering – 1/18/2016

Thank you for your efficient service!
~Diane – Health Care – 1/14/2016

Special thanks to Kim for taking the time to understand the issue, and Tom for working patiently with a new member of the Province leadership
~Jennifer – Non-profit – 1/4/2016

Rick was super GREAT and willing to correct the same problem with 2 additional users rather than asking that I open a whole new ticket to be assigned to another technician. Thanks Rick!!
~Kara – Non-profit – 12/24/2015

The service we receive from Polar is excellent!!
~Bronda –  Construction – 12/21/2015

Thanks! Fist call to resolve issue within a few minutes of request, follow-up on schedule.
~Tom – Consulting – 12/21/2015

Quick & Efficient with a smile!
~Debbie – Manufacturing – 12/15/2015

Ron was professional, helpful and stayed with the problem until it was resolved.
~Susan – Financial – 12/10/2015 

Excellent customer service. He did a fabulous job resolving my issue.
~Shana – Manufacturing – 12/09/2015

The speed and ease with which the requested task was completed is exactly what one would hope and expect from a professional IT company.
~Harrison –Manufacturing – 11/19/2015

If there was a score of 10, I would give it to Jeff. His help was huge on this problem and without him I would not have been able to get the OS on this PC after wiping the drive.
~Chris – Health Care – 10/16/2015

Perfection describes Tom, he is a fantastic person providing remarkable service
~Larry –Manufacturing – 10/13/2015

Awesome job as always by Jeff
~Kara –Health Care – 10/8/2015

Response time was awesome and Muaz sent out an email to everyone to provide access to new calendar which was SUPER GREAT and made accessing/listing new calendar very simple!
~Kara – Health Care – 10/1/2015

Michael is excellent in assisting us as problems arise and need help. He is awesome as well as the team at the Polar Office pushing our requests through the system to get taken care of.
~Sharon – City Government – 9/1/2015

Thank you so much to Tom for all his hard work and dedication. He did so much and checked up to see how he could help or if the problem could be resolved. He provided great customer service and was so friendly.
~Breana – City Government – 8/28/2015

Technician was very pleasant and easy to work with
~Chris – City Government8/19/2015

Jeff is awesome and super helpful
~Brett – Health Care8/18/2015

In the past two months, I have found the entire team to be extremely responsive, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks to the entire Polar team for the great support.
~ Steve – Health Care – 6/14/2015

Ron was Steller. He did a great job solving my restore point issue
~Dwane – Distributor –  5/1/2015

The guy helping was very personable and competent.  He was very normal too and didn’t talk to me about Star Trek or Magic Cards as can be commonplace with IT support services.  But I’m not judging, we’re accountants and have our own set of issues.
~Nick – CPA Firm – 1/23/2015

Ron did an amazing job of constantly checking up with me to see if the issue was resolved and he was very prompt with his responses. Luke was also a huge help in getting all of the advertisements off my browser. I am very grateful for their help.
~Carly – Retail – 01/15/2015

Quite the positive change from our previous service provider , Nate has been very helpful with handling requests in a timely and professional manner.
~Dennis – Manufacturing – 1/13/2015

The Polar IT team has been very efficient and professional with all our IT needs.
~Rena – City Government – 1/6/2015